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My name is Antony and I am a Professional Property Investor based in the UK.  

  • Are you looking to sell or purchase a property in Armada Towers, JLT ?
  • Are you based in the UK or outside the UAE?

If so, myself and my colleagues (based in the UAE) are here to help! 


















Why ?

  • We have purchased and sold properties in Dubai over the past 10 years and continue to do so today
  • We understand and have first hand experience of the property trading process (which is very different to other countries)
  • We know the pitfalls (and believe me there can be many) and we know how to overcome these
  • We understand the importance of having an onshore representative to check things and get things done!
  • We recognise that appointing a real estate agent yourself and managing the process from overseas, is very challenging
  • So many other non-resident buyers and sellers have come to us to seek our assistant, and will benefit from our services


How ?

  • If your based in the UK, you can come and meet with me to discuss a property you wish to buy or sell 
  • With representatives in the UAE we arrange meetings, collections, deliveries in the property trading process
  • We will appoint approriate real estate agents for you, for buying or selling
  • If you prefer, you can appoint us as 'Power of Attorney' to handle the entire process OR
  • Alternatively you can travel to the UAE only when it is necessary to do so and collect your keys or payment!




What is the cost

  • The cost of not getting in touch with us could be signficant. Certainly if you're making trips to the emirate to progress or attempt to close out a transaction could cost thousands of pounds itself, plus your time, loss of earnings etc!
  • To meet with me and discuss your circumstances is FREE and won't cost you penny - so lets atleast do that and if I can help you in anyway I will.
  • If you decide to use our services for managing the entire process, keeping you well informed along the way, from both the UK and UAE we typically charge 1% of the property transaction (but read below the savings you could make!)


What is the saving

  • Working on your behalf you could pay NO FEES to agents, NO Land Department Fees, NO noc fees - did you know this is even possible ? (our lastest transaction saved 65,000 AED! on a property transaction for 1m AED)
  • If you're selling do you know what deposits you are entitled to claim back for utility services?



Get in touch! 


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